Networked note-taking as feminist research method


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An exploration of everyday academic methods

Kit Chokly, PhD Student in Communication Studies, McGill University

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CCA 2023 presentation

# On format

The strength of a feminist note-taking system, as I argue, is its networked qualities—a strength that is not necessarily shared with generally linear essays or presentations. This work is like most in that it too is fairly linear. However, I have structured it here as a network to demonstrate some of the technical possibilities of a feminist networked note-taking system. I hope that the differences in genre (essay or presentation vs note) will not interfere with the argument I am trying to make here. You can also always download the paper as a PDF here.

Please click around, explore, and imagine the possibilities this format might afford you and your own note-taking practice. Thanks for reading!

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I’d love to hear about your own integrations of note-taking and writing in your research methods. Feel free to send me an email at, or follow me on Mastodon or Twitter. You can also learn more about my other work on trans media studies on my website at